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Hall of Science

The Hall of Science is a big open laboratory, where visitors are involved in hands-on exhibits. Here visitors learn science though a discovery process. They move through different enclaves on light, vision, mirrors, kinematics, mathematics, sound, fluids, energy and put their hands-on interactive exhibits.


Eyes and Vision

Interactive exhibits demonstrate how our eyes receive inverted image on the retina, how the pupil controls light on the retina, response of rods and cones for peripheral vision and colour sensing. Light, eyes and brain all three are equally responsible for vision. The exhibits also explain what happens if anyone these three requirements malfunction.


Transformation of Energy

In this enclave, exhibits explain how energy is transformed from potential to kinetic and back, light to electrical and back, sound to electrical and back, heat to electrical and back, chemical to electrical and back, magnetism to electrical and back, mechanical to electrical and back, solar to electrical and vibration to electrical energy. 


Illusion of Mirrors

Mirrors usually reflect the images. But what about the mirrors which distort or reverse the image? But then there are half mirrors that combine two images into one and create an illusion. There is a virtual image where you see a rose but can never catch it. And of course, a big mirror maze wherein you almost get lost in multiple reflection. It's a magic world with mirrors doing all the tricks.



Here mathematics not a dreadful subject. You learn math while having fun. Waves created on one focus of an elliptical wave tank always converge to the other focus. A striker from one focus of an elliptical carom board always hits the other focus. Balls rolling down the incline always fall in a hole placed at the focus of a parabolic reflector and much more. It is a playground with mathematics.



Visitors can enjoy the sound of a still night in a village, or all the sounds of a forest with flowing rivers and chirping birds, or the hustle of a metropolis. And then measure their hearing ability with the help of an audiometer. You can witness the nodes and anti-nodes of a vibrating string and the effect of resonance in a vibrating body. See beck Siren and create your own music in an electronic organ.

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