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Energy Education Park

Energy Education Park is spread over hexagonal grid pattern area of over 9000 sq.m. and is developed in Science City with financial assistance from the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources (MNES)  and in association with Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA).
Energy Park exhibits are classified according to five basic elements (Panchbhuta) as propounded in ancient Indian Philosophy. These elements are

(i) Tej (Energy from the Sun)

(ii) Marut (Energy from the Wind)

(iii) Ap (Energy from the Water)

(iv) Kshiti (Energy from the Earth)

(v) Byom (Exploration of space).


Energy Education Park

This is a typical structure of a rig used for drilling oil and well on land. It is only after drilling a well it is found whether there is oil or gas or both or nothing. Despite all scientific advancement finding oil and gas from a well is not always certain. The most popular method of drilling an oil well is called " span="">


GEO Thermal Energy-Power from the Depths

Hot water springs are the best examples of the Geo thermal energy. To produce electric power from geo thermal resources, underground reservoirs of steam or hot water are tapped by wells and the steam rotates turbines that generate electricity. The interactive model of geothermal energy in Energy Park explores the use of this energy from the depth of earth.


Tidal Power Generator

Tides and ebbs can run turbines to generate electricity. But for this there should be a minimum difference of 15 feet between high tide and low tide or ebb. The working model of tidal power generator in Energy Park shows the use of tidal energy to generate electricity.  


Solar House

Recent advances in technology have made use of solar energy easy and cheap. In both forms, thermal and electrical form. Here, in this solar Hut, right from kitchen tap to T. V. and refrigerator all are run on solar energy. Series of batteries store electrical energy generated by panel of PV cells at the roof top is very well showcased here.


Wind Turbine

Here the rotating blades of the windmill generate electricity through the rotary motion of the generator. This generator is fitted at the top of the mill near the blades. The electricity passes to the control house. Here in this model, series of electric bulbs glow whenever there is windmill generated electricity. An array of such windmills is a wind farm, which produces electricity in large quantity.This electricity can be taken to considerable distances.


House of Polymers

Crude oil or the black gold is not just a fuel which we use as Diesel, Petrol, or Kerosene.The crude oil, greenish-black sticky liquid, is refined in refinery. Besides fuels we get number of other products which make our world more versatile. This is because petroleum is also a raw material for over half a million organic chemicals. They are known as petrochemicals. In this petro-house everything is made of petrochemicals.

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