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Particulars of Gujarat Council of Science City, its functions and duties:

Organization Details:

GUJARAT COUNCIL OF SCIENCE CITY is a society established by Govt. of Gujarat & Registered under the society registration Act. 1860, it was registered on 10th August 1999.

Name : Gujarat Council of Science City

Address : Science City Road, Ahmedabad - 380060

SCIENCE CITY shall have the following Functions

To Promote, Co-ordinate, and exhibits interaction Science, technology, energy and environment with human through personal experience-bases presentation.

To design, Develop or undertake Exhibitions and demonstration of Equipment and educational technology on tier areas of Science & technology irrespective cast, Religion, community or social status.

To organize or to assist in organizing training courses, workshops, seminars, conferences, discussions, dissertation, consultancy services and exhibition Independently or in association with other agencies for the benefit and development of science & technology irrespective of their race, caste, religion, community or social status.

To undertake and encourage research and training for

Ecologically sustainable development

Conservation, evaluation and utilization of the nation's Biological wealth;

Development and harnessing alternate sources of energy;

Technology development. Information dissemination and Science Communication

To promote assist or support advancement of Education in Science & technology by conducting institutions, schools, museums, colleges and other bodies or by sponsoring the needy students and also to impart, training of personnel.

To provide support to state governments, public bodies and institutions, and/or to undertake responsibility for planning and development of Science Cities in India and/or to undertake the responsibility of running and maintenance of Such facilities and activities.

To establish and award research in relevant fellowship, prizes, trainee ships and Finance of specific research in relevant fields and to publish relevant papers, books, journals, periodicals and Newsletters devoted to the activities of Science City.

To collect and disseminate information in regard to science, technology, energy and environment through both print media and electronic media.

To enter in to agreement with foreign scientific agencies, science and technology’ Museums/ Centers or like Institutions in specialized areas pertaining to the activities of Science City for exchange of professionals. Study tours, training, conducting join projects. To provide technical assistance in the establishment of Science Cities and like institutions and for other matter consistent with the aims and objective of Science City.

To constitute committees, study groups and working groups as the Science City may consider necessary for the performance of its function.

To undertake, co-operate and assist the academic institutions and organizations in Formulation of syllabus scheduling of programs for teaching and training including conducting of examinations in the field of and technology.

To promote, support, undertake and provide for the services, publication of books, periodicals, journals, monographs, research papers, magazines, video tapes, C.D. ROMs, documentary file, serial and such other various modes of media irrespective of race, caste, religion, community, or social status.

To establish and maintain a library, providing reading, borrowing, reference and research facilities and catering to the needs of students, practitioners and researchers in the field of Science & technology irrespective of race, caste, religion, community or social status.

To initiate steps to improve the tastes of readers and to promote healthy trends in the development of Science & Technology to suit modern needs and techniques and to evolve programs to ensure professional competence, economic stability and social status irrespective of their race, caste, religion, community, or social status.

To undertake, promote, support, provide and study various activities relating to image creation, image building, public opinion, public awareness campaign etc. for the general public with or without object to help government so as to arrive at decision for the benefit of the public at large with a view to strengthen the democracy.

To act as model agency for the State Government and to co-ordinate the various issues relating to development of science & technology, regarding education, training, advertisement, publicity or information and such other matters as may be assigned by the Government time to time.

To help and co-ordinate the various activities of the Organizations, Trusts" Institutes Any other body corporate related to Science City and to promote co-operation among them, to constitute and become member of federation of such Science City. Irrespective of caste, religion, community, or social status.

To provide or to arrange financial assistance to serving Scientist and pensioner/retired scientist in distress irrespective of race, caste, religion, community, or social status.

To co-operate or collaborate with other institutions in any part of the world having objects wholly or partly similar to those of the Science City in such Manner as may be conducive to their common objects.

Advancement of social and legal justice in the field of Science & Technology.

To promote and support activities relating to polio eradication, AIDS, Cancer, T.B. or any other health programs affecting scientist or their families, irrespective of their race, caste, religion, community, or social status.

To do all other acts and things conducive for the attainment of the above object in most efficient manner possible and such~ other activities which are relevant to fulfill the objectives of the Science City.