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Planet Earth

It aims to create awareness, educate and train people about various types of natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides etc and to highlight the exquisite beauty and abundant truths of our planet Earth.


Underground Coal Mine:

The Underground Coal Mine where visitors can experience a virtual tour of about 5000 feet below ground level to reach mine. After that they will pass inside the mine where they can see the different types of coal cutting process, coal transportation, and various equipment along with safety measures taken inside the mines.


4D Theatre on Natural Disasters

It is a multi-dimensional Theatre where visitors can feel the smell of flowers, movement of Earth Quake, water spray to simulate heavy rain fall, snow fall, desert storm, fire, and hot air blow during desert storms with the visual 3D film. 


Earthquake Experience Ride

Inside the Dynamic Earth Section there is an Earthquake Demonstration corner -- An earthquake platform on a hydraulic simulator, suitable for 15-20 visitors, giving a life-like experience of random tremors of earthquakes. A video projection will indicate the intensity in Richter scale, the location of the epicenter, secondary tremors and destruction caused by the earthquake.


Inflatable Planetarium

You can enjoy a space related movie in semi spherical dome structure and learn about space and the evolution of Universe, stars, comets and constellation. You can also feel the night sky through this planetarium, all day long.


The Pavilion is being constructed over an area of 9000 sq.m hexagonal grid pattern with a unique dome structure having 50-meter diameter. In fact it is one of the largest domes in India. The Planet Earth depicts live experiences of various natural disasters, disaster management with various hands-on and minds-on exhibits and activities. Total number of exhibits inside the Planet Earth Pavilion is 657 nos.

Importance of natural resources and their conservation is well showcased in this huge pavilion. Highlighting the sobering fact that the Planet Earth is in jeopardy, while our resources are being depleted and the very fabric, balance and stability are being threatened.