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Paracheirodon Innesi

NAME : Neon Tetra


LOCATION : hey are found in South America in the Paraguay River basin, Rio Taquari, Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul, and Brazil.

HABITAT: In nature, these fish inhabit the slow-moving tributaries of main rivers. These are regions of black waters beneath dense forest canopies that allow very little light to get through. Neon Tetras live in shoals mainly in the middle water layers

WEIGHT: UPTO 4 cm UPTO 0.005 Kg

DIET: Not Details

FOOD: Since they are omnivorous, Neon Tetras will generally eat all kinds of small or finely ground foods--live, fresh, and flake. To keep a good balance, give them a high quality flake food every day. Feed brine shrimp or blood worms as a treat. These tetras like several feedings a day, but offer only what they can consume in 3 minutes or less at each feeding

FOOD & DIET: Feed on a diet of small or finely ground foods--live, fresh, and flake.

FACT: The Neon Tetra has been in the hobby for many years and is the most popular of all aquarium fishes!

Paracheirodon Innesi

વૈજ્ઞાનિક નામ : Paracheirodon Innesi

જાતિનું નામ: Neon Tetra

સ્થાન: વિગતો નથી

લંબાઈ અને વજન: વિગતો નથી

ખોરાક (વૈકલ્પિક) આહાર : વિગતો નથી

વિશેષતા: વિગતો નથી

Paracheirodon Innesi

वैज्ञानिक नाम : Paracheirodon Innesi

जाति का नाम : Neon Tetra

जगह: कोई विवरण नहीं

लंबाई और वजन: कोई विवरण नहीं

खाना: कोई विवरण नहीं

भोजन (वैकल्पिक) आहार: कोई विवरण नहीं

विशेषता: कोई विवरण नहीं