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Hall of Space

The Hall of Space in Gujarat Science City is a minds-on exhibition capturing the imagination of the visiting public and creating an emotional involvement with the help of working models, computer multi-media, multi-screen panoramic, projection, animatronics, motion simulator, event simulator and interactive quiz. The Hall presents the visitors a simulated experience of a journey through the Solar System and a Thrilling exposure to the big question on life in outer space.


Space Exploration

Since the launching of Sputnik in 1958, human imagination soared high about the outer space within and outside the solar system. Interactive exhibits, video clippings and computer multimedia present a well-knit story of mission to the neighboring celestial bodies like the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars, and the gas giants like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune keep visitors glued to the gallery. 


India in Space

India has come a long way to place her communication satellite with the help of her own Geostationary Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV), or to place her remote sensing satellites with the help of her own Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Computer multimedia supported by models of Indian satellites and launch vehicles reveal a fascinating story of India's self-reliance in Space Science.


India's Moon Mission

India has made a history with the launching of the Chandrayaan-I as the first Lunar Mission of the country.  Chandrayaan-I has been successfully launched on 22nd October 2008. An exhibit simulating the launching of Chandrayaan, moving to outer orbits with gravity assist, orbiting round the Moon will kindle our imagination. 


Mission to Mars

A motion simulator, in Hall of Space, takes the visitors to a journey through the solar system and also experiencing the whirlpool motion near a black hole and finally returning back and landing on Mars. Thereafter an event simulator takes the visitors inside a Mars capsule wherein they perform experiments which one day the scientists will perform on the Martian soil in search of some form of life.


Life in Outer Space

Are we alone in this vast Universe? A seven-screen panoramic projection answers this big question. The projection analyses the prerequisites of life and explain how recent space probes have drawn a blank on other planets and satellites in the solar system. It goes on analyzing the possibilities of finding life in outer space in the Milky Way or in other galaxies. 

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